When Designers Get Married…

Designers tend to be "shoot for the moon", detail oriented, perfectionists. If you ask my colleagues here at Theory House, they'd probably say that I take that stereotype to the next level. I know I can be super driven, and maybe even a little hard headed. If I have an idea that I love, sometimes I just have to go for it – no matter how unrealistic it may seem. Sometimes a girl just knows she can make it happen. Knowing all this about me, you can begin imagine the kind of pressure I put on myself while planning my recent wedding. *Spoiler Alert*: Cody and I had a beautiful wedding day, and more importantly we accomplished our goal of becoming husband and wife, but the road to reach June 8, 2013 left us both exhausted. From invitations to environmental design (yes, I called it that) – I had to go big. Here's just a peak of my handy work for our big day, so be on the lookout for the full blown reveal over the next few weeks!


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