Walk In The Clouds and Walk Into Allbirds

This is the second in a series of posts highlighting some favorite retailers Theory House visited recently in New York City.

The next time you’re in NYC, you have to visit digital disrupter, Allbirds, at one of its two brick-and-mortar locations. Since officially launching in March 2016, the brand has been on a tear. Originally positioned as designing environmentally friendly shoes, it appears the brand has broadened its vision. Allbirds is one of many brands proving that no category and channel in retail is safe from disruption.

Located in the heart of New York’s SOHO neighborhood, the store’s interior is completely visible from the street. You are practically invited in to see what the brand is all about. The simplicity of their purpose and product offering was matched in the store’s interior design. Carefully curated customer touchpoints elevate the brand, merchandising and experience. A hero shoe wall allows the product to take center stage, while further interaction is encouraged at the shoe bar, a new take on the “try on” experience.

The store’s white walls and neutral color palette spotlights the product eye candy. Other standout features included a human hamster wheel, coupled with a “chillaxing” space for waiting for your turn at the bar. A unique perk offered to customers as they leave with a purchase is a display full of colorful, free shoe laces – a simple yet powerful tool to add value to the visit.

Overall, the store, the brand and the experience felt extremely authentic, including the Associate engagement. Everything worked in tandem to tell the Allbirds story and invite new and existing customers to share in an experience together.


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