Theory House VP of Retail Brands to Speak at Fuse Conference

I am excited to announce that I will present for the very first time my new book “Fifty2, The My Private Brand Project” at the 18th annual FUSE conference in Chicago, April 7-9 at the Radisson Blu Aqua hotel.

Join me, Tuesday, April 8 at 4:45 for “The Retail Brand Revolution: Fifty2, The My Private Brand Project.” The presentation is a look inside my book that radically destroys the notion that all private brands are ugly knock-offs of their national brand counterparts and clearly paints a picture of the retail brand revolution that is creating consumer-focused retail owned brands.

At FUSE I will join retail marketers from Target, Ethan Allen, Barney’s, Gilt Group and Chipotle not to mention Indra Nooyi Chairman, CEO, PepsiCo, Mauro Porcini Chief Design Officer, PepsiCo, Inc., Simon Doonan Creative Ambassador at Large Barney’s, Phil Duncan Global Design Officer Procter & Gamble, Tinker Hatfield VP Design Innovation Nike and the collected brand strategy and design community.

This groundbreaking conference is designed to unite brand strategists and designers, along with trend hunters and culture curators. The 18th annual FUSE conference celebrates a collaborative approach to building more meaningful brands with curated stories about fusing strategy and design in all its' forms to ignite brand passion and growth. Other provocative sessions will cover graphic design, industrial design, experience design, digital communications, interactive design & social media, brand strategy, trends, culture and more.

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