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Molly Kraus Theory House

To begin this introduction I’m going to blatantly steal from a favorite show, Inside the Actor’s Studio, and its host, James Lipton.  He always begins an interview by asking the guest, “Where were you born?”

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Some may consider that “flyover” territory but those who have actually experienced Cincinnati quickly come to appreciate all it has to offer.  They may never come around to loving “Cincinnati style” chili but they will at least be amused by the enthusiasm natives have for it.  A few of my other hometown loves/traditions include the Reds, Graeter’s ice cream, Montgomery Inn Ribs and my Cincinnati Bearcats.

Speaking of Bearcats…I was finishing up my senior year at the University of Cincinnati when I landed an internship in the promotions department at B105, the local powerhouse country radio station.  It was my first real, behind-the-scenes look at marketing and it set me on my career path.  (And yes, I did dress up as the Bee mascot and I may have accidently knocked off one of the mirrors on the station van.)

Hot on the heels of my internship and graduation I was lucky enough to find the place that would become my professional “home” for the next 13 years, G2.  (We weren’t G2 at the time; there were a few name changes over the years, as agencies sometimes do, but we were always part of Grey Global family.)  In my 13 years at G2 I was fortunate to work with an amazing group of colleagues and roster of clients, learning and growing with each program.  Leaving home, personally or professionally, is never easy but in 2010 it was time to shake things up…A LOT! 

It was the unique opportunity to work within the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series that brought me and my family to Charlotte.  I simply can’t sum up my motorsports experience in a few sentences but I’ll try.  I got to work with some of the country's most iconic brands within the landscape of one of the country's most popular, professional sports leagues. What a ride!  (Pun fully intended.) It was an incredibly valuable, educational time in my career and I am forever grateful for the people and organizations with which I worked.

When the time came for my next professional chapter all roads led to where I am today, Theory House, and I’m so excited to join all the amazingly talented Housemates in my new “home.”

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