Theory House Explores Innovative Retail At THX

At Theory House, we’re ever-curious about innovation at retail. We believe to design the future of retail, we must live it, breathe it and experience it. With this in mind, we just wrapped up THX | A Theory House Experience in NYC on October 17-18.

We invited our clients from some of the best retail brands in the country including PepsiCo, Delta Faucet, Starbucks, Boar’s Head, and Google to join us for a tour of the city’s most innovative brands and retailers like Nike, Sonos, WinkyLux, Casper, Google and Amazon. (Stay in touch and follow our blog as we will dive deeper into a few of our most memorable store experiences.)

We aimed to design an experience for ourselves and our clients that would create a collective energy around discovering what is exciting about retail today and open up dialogue around how we can work to build the retail environments and solutions of the future.

While touring, the group rated each store on a variety of important retail measurements. At the conclusion of the tour, we gathered to discuss our observations. As you might imagine, with a variety of brands and retail sectors represented, diverse dialogue and points of view followed as the group looked to take what they experienced and apply it to their individual businesses.

What’s even more exciting is that this is only the beginning. We plan to make THX an annual event and we are already formulating plans for 2019. Stay tuned!

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