Theory House Activates GUNK at the Track

There is nothing quite like watching 4000lb trucks flying off a dirt jump, hearing their 900hp engines screaming as they slide sideways around turns and watching the small explosions as their carbureted engines clear out unspent fuel. It is an immersive experience, one that GUNK’s core audience loves.

For 2014, GUNK is bringing its brand of toughness to this world of racing, activating with The Off-Road Championship (TORC) series. GUNK partnered with Theory House to bring their sponsorship of Arie Luyendyk Jr. Racing to life throughout TORC’s 2014 race season. We put together an activation plan that ensures TORC fans walk away as GUNK fans. Along with our design of the race truck and hauler, at track activations include brand ambassadors handing out truck wash samples on each race day, meet and greet opportunities with Arie and the first ever GUNK Truck Wash station.

It has already been a heck of a year. While Arie had a huge wreck in the first race that resulted in post race surgery and physical therapy, he fought his way back to a podium finish in the very next race. Even more, awareness of GUNK’s new truck wash among TORC fans, 70% of whom drive a pick-up truck, is at an all time high.

As media continues to migrate towards digital and social, authentic brand engagement is becoming increasingly challenging. Yet targeted personal interactions are critical, as face-to-face activations allow brands to connect with their audience and in this case, put on a heck of a show.

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