The Path to Purchase Takes a Detour Through the Toilet

Theory House shopper marketing agency iPad in toilet

File this one under "seeing is believing". MarketWatch reports that Hammacher Schlemmer, the 165-year-old catalog dedicated to “offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected,” now offers an “iPad Commode Caddy”? The $99.95 chrome-steel stand holds both a roll of toilet paper and an Apple iPad, thereby eliminating “the clutter created by magazines and newspapers,” as Hammer Schlemmer general manager Fred Berns explains.

According to MarketWatch, the caddy, which is manufactured by tech specialist CTA Digital, is part of a wave of iPad bathroom-friendly or bathroom-oriented accessories that have hit the market in recent months, from the Koala wall mount (the “perfect solution for storing, charging and viewing your tablet”) to the iPotty (a child’s potty with an included iPad stand).

In my house, the iPad has practically replaced our computer for online shopping. I'll often read my newspapers (in the living room) and have an iPad handy to research products or web sites referenced in an article. But this new innovation opens up a whole new world of possibility for personal care products to reach consumers "in the moment" along their consumer decision journey. Just saying.

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