The Center of Shopper Marketing

Shopper marketing can feel like the wild west at times, with so many different shoppers shopping so many different retailers spanning so many different channels, categories and products. A shopper needs different information and does different research when they are shopping for tires vs. toothpaste. And yet, regardless of the channel or category, the fundamentals of how to approach shopper marketing should not change.

At Theory House, we are experts at connecting with shoppers, building experiences that allow education and interaction in organic ways. To do this with excellence requires us to keep the shopper at the center of what we do, understanding how they think and why they make decisions. And while a foundational understanding of a shopper can be reached from research, there is no substitute for getting out of the office to walk stores, observe behavior and talk to shoppers to understand why they are making certain decisions. 

Why is this so important?

The opposite of a shopper centric approach is treating all shoppers the same. When you ignore key differences between shoppers, or worse, not know who your core shopper is, your approach has to be broad enough to appeal to everyone. And most of the time, you end up appealing to no one.

Instead of a go-to-market strategy, what is your go-to-shopper strategy? Consider what information and education your shopper will need and start building experiences that deliver this in organic ways. The reward for keeping shoppers in your center? Relevance. Which leads to understand, purchase and advocacy. 

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