Sleeping on the Job (or how to be more productive at work)

While sleeping on the job used to be frowned upon, the latest studies show that a 20- to 30-minute nap in the afternoon can actually boost productivity.

Even big Fortune 500 companies like Proctor & Gamble and Google are investing in ways to give their employees an afternoon boost via "nap rooms," or as one forward-thinking company called it, "rejuvenation centers."

“I firmly believe that napping breaks will become the new coffee break eventually,’’ Nationwide Planning’s James Colleary said. See: New Jersey-based Nationwide Planning created a nap room for their 30 employees.

Can't fit in a nap during your busy workday? Consider bringing in your pet. Dogs and cats help create a relaxed atmosphere that can cushion the stress of frantic day. Just be sure to check with your coworkers for any allergies or phobias. And also make sure Fido is a good ambassador for the canine crew—quiet, respectful and friendly.

How do you stay productive? How do you balance life's frantic pace with me time? Let us know.

(NOTE: That's Theory House (mate) Sarah Fisher taking a siesta with our newest freelancer Clover Bean.)

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