Jared Meisel Journeys on Unchartered Trails

Jared Meisel partner at retail marketing agency Theory House

The old adage goes that there are no new ideas under the sun. Dick Stevens, collaborating with Theory House partner and strategist Jared Meisel, came to market with a truly innovative new product—jerky combined with trail mix. Bridging two different categories and audiences was a challenge we were eager to tackle. “You’ve got your typical male-driven jerky market led by brands like Jack Link’s and trail mix brands like Target’s Archer Farms,” says Jared. Our team explored various creative routes—touting ingredients, extolling health benefits and promoting convenience—eventually landing on a brand that “fuels adventures.”

Dick Stevens Jerky Mix Agency

“The team built a brand that connects with a wide range of consumers,” said Jeff Eckert, founder of Dick Stevens. “They also helped us with retail sell-in — getting this never-before-seen product on the shelf.” (Note work was developed by our team while employed at our last agency birdsong gregory).

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