OinkADoodleMoo… Ohio-Style Barbecue

It's not everyday my hometown of Dayton, OH has a restaurant featured in Forbes. However, this is the second time OinkADoodleMoo has been highlighted for its creative and unordinary name,  (http://www.forbes.com/sites/caroltice/2012/06/01/5-hot-little-restaurant-chains-you-can-buy-into-now/). With four franchise locations now, OinkADoodleMoo is attempting to put Ohio-style barbecue on the culinary map. While this is more than a tall order, I can guarantee that the residents of Dayton enjoy local places with good food!

Our Theory House crowd of shopper marketers enjoys trying new restaurants and all different types of food from Ethiopian to Vietnamese to Vegan. I will definitely be making a point to try some Ohio-style barbecue and report back to the team!

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