Nike Integrates Brand and Social Awareness

This is the final post in a series highlighting some favorite retailers Theory House visited recently in New York City.

While not necessarily unique to New York, this particular retail experience was one to remember. Nike Soho was one of the most immersive and authentic representations of the brand we’ve ever seen. Walking through the front doors, you’re immediately reminded why Nike continues to thrive as one of the world’s most iconic brands.

Nike is a leader in its commitment to social awareness and using important issues as a way to authentically engage and interact with customers. There aren’t many stores or brands that would dedicate an entire floor to one item and story but that’s just what they did. The message of “Equality” throughout the first floor was almost elevated above the brand itself. The campaign was done in a uniquely Nike way and was an extremely powerful strategy to bring forward Nike’s genuine connection with issues that concern many of their most loyal fans.

In collaboration with the “Equality” campaign, the main level was dedicated solely to the iconic Air Force One, promoting true personalization and brand interaction. With the purchase of a pair of Air Force Ones, customers could stamp them with their own social awareness message. Taking the theme one step further, paint rooms welcomed customers to add their own touch to a crowd-sourced canvas of art and inspiration.

This being the first experience as you walk in, it elevated even the more typical Nike curation and merchandising throughout the store. Nike has always been a leader in retail inspiration, leveraging the brand, athletes and powerful product stories that make it difficult to leave without making a purchase.

And on the final (top) floor you find one last intriguing addition, an entire space dedicated to basketball, with Jordan welcoming you to enjoy a half court and hoop. It’s just another unique way Nike creates experiential moments in-store and gives shoppers a reason to continue coming back.


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