Meet Your New Consumer

Do you talk about your audience in a different way than you did a year ago?

Have you shifted your marketing mix to better connect with shopper?

Shoppers are evolutionary creatures, continually adapting and evolving their approach to retail. Yet it is amazing how many shopper marketers still view their audience through an old lens.

The below infographic does a great job of highlighting some of the changes in today's "new consumer".

This new consumer represents huge challenge and opportunity. Being that they are more engaged, informed and empowered, shopper marketing needs to do more to connect in authentic ways.

Is it time for you to take a refreshed look at your audience and meet your new consumer? Give Theory House a call. The team of connecters and creators would love to put our experience with the new consumer to work for your brand.

Image from; Unleashed: How New Consumers Will Revolutionize Brands and Scale Sustainability.

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