Meet the Housemates: Jordan Stevens

As one of the first Theory House hires post its inception, I’m honored and excited to be contributing my first blog post ever (that’s right, I’ve never blogged before).

The journey to becoming the newest Housemate seems long, but I guess that’s because it was mine. I’ve packed a substantial amount of experiences into a short time, and for that I am grateful.

I earned my associate’s degree in graphic design from Southwestern Community College in my hometown of Sylva, NC. I took my first design job with the Smoky Mountain Times, the town newspaper for Bryson City, NC. While there I decided to continue my education in hopes of pursuing a broader field of study. I spent nine months as a full-time professional and student, earning general education credits at night. During that time I was accepted into the advertising program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Upon this news I switched jobs for the opportunity to work full-time when home from Savannah, becoming a designer for WestCare Health System in Sylva. 

My time at SCAD was awesome. Studying advertising provided exactly the additional education I wanted. I was taught to be a strategic creative. Being educated in both the business and artistic sides of marketing instilled in me a more holistic approach. Savannah is also where I met my wife, Maddy (the gorgeous lady you see above), and we just celebrated our first anniversary.

Working full-time (truly, overtime) while home on “breaks” in the marketing department of a multi-facility hospital system also proved hugely influential. Now called MedWest Health System, I participating firsthand in a major corporate merger and the re-branding that came with it — definitely enhancing my professional experience.

Upon graduating from SCAD, Maddy (who’s a copywriter) and I took jobs at Erwin Penland, an ad agency in Greenville, SC. I grew exponentially in my technical skills as a studio designer, preparing ads for production on accounts such as Verizon and Denny’s. My last six months, I served as point designer for Denny’s menus and modules, just as EP earned agency-of-record status. Both the quantity and quality of work demanded an increase in proficiency, for which I am appreciative.

And so, two degrees, three moves and my third design position later, I am very excited about being in Charlotte at Theory House. I hope to learn just as much moving forward as I have so far. That is what brought me here and what I am most looking forward to.

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