Does Your Office “Work”?

While there are several perspectives on the subject, it’s well-established that office environments highly affect employee productivity and contentment. The latest Mashable article I read on the subject offers up seven tips for a more productive workspace. Theory House stacks up pretty well (check out the pics below for a slight tour). How about your “home away from home”?

Color has been established as a very important consideration towards productivity. The House recently adopted our brand palette as accent walls in each of our areas. When you walk in our door you’re met by a wall of yellow, which inspires creativity — exactly what our agency is interested in doing for ourselves, our clients and their consumers. (It also happens to be the color our creative lead chose for her office’s accent wall.) The blue in our conference room also serves its purpose to calm and relax, but also stimulate the mind — important for the space where we do most of our concepting and hold our meetings.

We’re working on the fourth tip, which is to bring the outdoors in. With a few plants scattered throughout the office we’re getting there, and they definitely enjoy our inclination to the fifth tip of letting in the light. Each of our employees’ offices have floor to ceiling windows, which provide some awesome views from our second story position at the corner of Providence and Sharon Amity. This was the view from my desk this summer. Best seat in the House, I think.

Finally, the article recommends providing employees with a space to work and converse away from their desk. Enter our living room (literally). The House wouldn't be complete without one. This is where our team often drinks their coffee and catches up in the morning, discussing the incredibly productive day ahead of course.

So, does your office have these principles nailed? If not, feel free to swing by our digs for some inspiration. We’d love to talk business and maybe some feng shui with you.

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