Creative Rockstar



At our shopper marketing agency Theory House, we already consider our Associate Creative Director, Maggie Bean, a Rockstar… but what if your Creative Director REALLY was a Rockstar?

That seems to be the reality for more & more brands these days with the annoucement of Justin Timberlake as the Creative Director for Bud Light Platinum, Alicia Keys for BlackBerry, Lady Gaga for Polaroid and for Intel.

It seems that most people are buzzing about how this trend serves primarily as a publicity stunt, while other are intrigued and excited to see how celebrities can harness their creative talents to move brands to new places. Regardless, tapping into the minds of different types of creative thinkers sounds like it has the potential to influence & inspire these brands in a way they haven't been yet and I am definitely interested in seeing how these new roles play out.

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