Child of the 90’s

In the last 5 years, even my cell phone has grown up. From a flip phone, to something called a Razor, to an Envy, to a Droid, then finally to an iPhone, technology has always been there to constantly out-do itself each and every time. Likewise, it has been there to remind me I’m getting older as my desire and strength to keep up diminishes a little more every time the next best thing hits the internet.

When I saw this video for Internet Explorer, I found myself feeling insanely nostalgic as I remembered playing Hungry Hungry Hippos against my brother, crying the first time my Tamagotchi died, and wondering where my collection of pogs and slammers is today. As my generation has become solely dependent on search engines for everything from scholastic research to directions to restaurant recommendations, this video reminded me of my first experiences with the internet and that significant blue e and halo that I double-clicked on to meet all my friends on AOL Instant Messenger at 8:45 to chat before my 9:30 bedtime.

While Google, Bing, Safari and Firefox have come into the picture, my memories remain with Internet Explorer, and I needed this reminder. Well played, Internet Explorer…well played.



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