An Online Minute

Every now and then you see something that completely blows your mind. Today, it was this infographic from rewarded search site Qmee, highlighting what is done on the internet every minute.

In our digital age, time is speeding up. Or maybe we are just doing more that can be tracked and later converted into info-graphics! Regardless, it is staggering to see what is done in an online minute. 

Amazon and Walmart are the only two retailers that made the list. It is even more staggering to convert their data into seconds. 

Walmart processes 17,000 transactions a minute. That is over 283 transactions a second.

Amazon sells $83,000 worth of goods online. That is over $1,380 of sales every second.

As retail marketers, we have always dealt with time increments of seconds. And yet, it is not enough to think about engagement in 3 or even 5 second increments. At Theory House, the question we embrace is this: how can we utilize each second to drive traffic and build sales? 

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