A Retail STORY Worth Sharing

Theory House was recently in the Big Apple and as always, we had to check out what’s happening at retail. Clearly, there are too many retailers and innovations to cover them all but over the next few days we’ll be highlighting some of our favorites, starting with:

STORY is a “retail media” model that describes itself as “being a space that has the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store.” Every four to eight weeks they bring to life a whole new concept and theme that requires a complete reset of the store’s layout and merchandising. Each new “story” is a collaboration with other brands and entities that together shed light on a particular theme, trend or issue.

At the time of our visit, STORY was wrapping up the holiday season with a collaboration with the motion picture, The Greatest Showman. The main space evoked the period circus setting with film-related merchandise sprinkled throughout, consisting of a curated collection of products supporting the overall narrative while also creating discoverable “moments” throughout the store.

And just as the musical celebrates the story of circus visionary P.T. Barnum, who rose from nothing to create his dream, so aims the merchandise to elevate your story.

A few quotes from the store itself that best describe the atmosphere:

“It’s a story from the past that plays when you open your ears, a chorus of dreamers – songs of joy and passion – they show no fear.”

“Consider this your ticket to imagine a place where we treat our differences as gifts to embrace. Because there’s more to the holidays than what’s wrapped in a bow. Acceptance and understanding are the greatest things we can show.”

“The holidays may feel like a circus that comes once a year, but this holiday will be the greatest if you let love start right now, right here.”

STORY is a unique retail concept true to its name that leverages powerful collaborations to elevate their platform and carefully chosen messages. The only thing that could have made our visit better would have been a sneak peek of the next theme to be brought to life.


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