A Classic Pull at the Heartstrings – From P&G

As I grow older, I feel myself becoming more and more impatient with the constant noise, over stimulation, gadgets and busy nature of our world today. Similarly, I am placing more and more value on the simple things in life (because there aren't very many anymore). The first time I saw Swiffer's commercial featuring Lee and Morty, I hit the rewind button and watched them a second time. I was able to make an immediate connection to the grandparents I'm lucky enough to have in my life, the amazing marriage my parents have maintained for the last 30 years, and the hopes I have for my relationship's future.

The thought behind this commercial is nothing extraordinary or earth-shattering, but that's what makes it successful. When P&G was faced with the challenge of reminding people about Swiffer and making the product seem relevant, they didn't turn to their R&D department or pull numbers, statistics and percentages about the amount of dust the sweepers pick up. They simply took a step back and thought about the true benefits of their product – making people's lives easier. Happening upon the perfect couple for their commercial probably took a lot of work, but the end result was more than successful. Likewise, I hope it converts grandparents like mine who are a little stubborn in their ways to adopt the easier and faster cleaning methods available to us today.

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