52: A Year of Retail Disruption

Theory House retail marketing game

At Theory House, we love retail. (Have we mentioned that before?) We approach every day with one question: “how might we push retail forward today?” Not just to solve for the immediate challenge, but also build for the future in our solutions. As we thought about our annual client gift, we wanted this drive and optimism to be front and center. Something more than the expected bottle of wine.

So we created ’52: A Year of Retail Disruption’, our retail-themed take on the classic chutes-and-ladders. Each of the 52 weeks of the retail calendar are represented as squares on the board. As players move through the calendar, they navigate disruptive events familiar to anyone in today’s retail. Everyone’s favorite competitive nemeses make appearances, as do influencers, customer segments, technology and more. Of course, the familiar ladder or chute elements are present, too.

Theory House retail game


While we take our role as retail innovators seriously, we want to remember what we do is fun. This is an exciting time to be a brand or retailer. The opportunities to excel and reinvent are more frequent than ever. We want our clients to grab their coworkers, book a conference room and break out ’52’. Maybe they’ll use it as the ice breaker for their next innovation session or staff meeting. Or to break the tension when things get crazy. Or to settle an inter-team dispute once and for all. Any way it’s played, ’52’ is a chance for us to pass along a bit of the fun we have every day driving retail forward.

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