Beverage Trends Report

Theory House announces the release of our “2023 Beverage Trends Report.” This comprehensive report provides insights into the latest consumer preferences, emerging trends, and game-changing innovations that will revolutionize the beverage landscape over the next several years.

As the beverage industry undergoes continued transformations, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for brands seeking sustainable growth. With an unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge market intelligence, Theory House has curated the “2023 Beverage Trends Report” to empower industry stakeholders and brand decision-makers with the knowledge to effectively shape their strategies.

Key Highlights of the 2023 Beverage Trends Report:

Wellness and Functional Beverages: Explore the growing trend of functional beverages that offer health benefits and cater to health-conscious consumers.

Sustainable Packaging and Eco-conscious Initiatives: Discover how environmentally conscious consumers are driving the demand for sustainable packaging solutions and eco-friendly practices in the beverage industry.

Emergence of Canned Cocktails: Understand how high-quality ingredients, authentic flavors and a depth of options suggest grab-and-go cocktails are here to stay.

“We are excited to unveil our initial Beverage Trends Report, which is the culmination of months of hard work and dedication by our team,” said Theory House’s President, Jim Cusson. “We believe that the insights provided in this report will empower businesses to make informed decisions and drive innovation within the beverage industry.”

The 2023 Beverage Trends Report is available for download at

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