Truck Tough, Desert Tough

Do you know what the number one best selling vehicle in America was last year? Has been for the last 27 years?

The Ford F150.

And yet, when you look at the automotive appearance category, it is focused on shiny cars and almost ignores this substantial market.

Not anymore.

Our shopper marketing agency Theory House is launching GUNK’s new line of Truck products, specially formulated to tackle all the mud, dirty and road grime trucks and SUVs gets into. We developed an integrated platform to support this launch based on understanding and connecting with the consumer along key points in their decision journey. From targeted digital ads to print ads to a landing page to in store promotions, this program is focused on connecting with pick up truck owners who have not had an alternative to the dish soap or car wash they have been using.

One of the tactics that supports the launch is a video, which is integrated across a variety of tactics. For products as tough as GUNK’s new line of truck cleaners, what setting is more appropriate than rock crawling in the desert?!

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