Theory House Visits Austin TreeHouse and YETI Stores

Recently, some of the team at Theory House had the opportunity to visit two uniquely differentiated retail experiences in Austin, Texas. It was inspiring to see two truly original brands offer customers exciting products in environments that not only drive purchase but more importantly, create authentic and relevant brand connections.

TreeHouse, a “home upgrade” store concept (reimagining the traditional home improvement model) currently operates two stores in the Lone Star State, with a third opening in Plano in January of next year. The flagship in Austin offers compelling eco-friendly and smart products, paired with first-class in-store consultation. The concept delivers on all the latest trends in the category and then elevates the experience with friendly, knowledgeable and passionate staff that genuinely help all customers who walk through the doors. It’s a refreshing take on the retail experiences you tend to encounter in home improvement, hardware and even design showrooms.

A few miles away, YETI has opened a flagship retail location in the heart of Austin. The store expertly balances an in-your-face yet approachable brand experience. It embraces your enthusiasm as you approach the front deck – complete with a bar – and continues to uniquely delight as you walk throughout the interior. The attention to detail is staggering. Purposefully customized and curated sections engage shoppers in brand connections, product interactions and storytelling. No matter what level of YETI fan you are before entering, you’re sure to leave a brand ambassador. It’s a must see. Plus, who wouldn’t love to shop and drink a beer at the same time?!

We’re always excited to uncover new and interesting retail experiences – TreeHouse and YETI did not disappoint. They were like interactive brand museums that just happened to also be stores. If you’re a retail enthusiast making a trip to Austin, we highly recommend you stop by!


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