Private Label Trade Show Draws Record Numbers to Chicago

PLMA Trade Show

Store brands have exceeded $110 billion in sales and are climbing at a rate that is two to three times the growth rate of national brands. So it is no wonder that this year's PLMA Show in Chicago is experiencing record crowds. The Theory House team visited the show to keep our pulse on the state of the marketplace and to see what innovation is happening in private brands. Among the special features of this year’s show is a Pet Pavilion to call attention to the rising importance of store brand pet foods and pet care. We also saw an expanding array of gluten free products showcased as manufacturers and retailers respond to growing consumer demand.

Our shopper marketing agency is intrigued by the improving package designs in the space and the growing number of retailers recognizing the value of employing national brand-like in-store tactics in to capture a greater share of the shopper's basket. If we can support your efforts, shoot us a call at 704-665-0714.

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