Customizing Your Coke

Coca-Cola not only understands consumers' love of customization, but they are capitalizing on it. First, their fountain drink system called Freestyle allows customers at supporting restaurants to customize their soda on every refill. They can choose from any Coke brand soda and even add in flavored syrups like vanilla or cherry. Not to mention the retro-inspired yet futuristic looking machine lets people live out their childhood dream of making up as many mixed sodas as possible.

Taking inspiration from this, they have now rolled out a customizable pack of soda display at 10 Kroger locations. This display allows customers to choose from 24 varieties of soda from Sprite to Fanta to Seagram's. The offering of variety and customization is definitely bound to intrigue people and excite them to make an initial purchase. The results of this pilot launch will show if customers are actually making repeat purchases using this program or if the single impulse buy is the end result. Enjoy retail-focused posts? Follow us on Twitter @IdeasByTheory

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