Challenger Brand Spotlight: Oakley


At our Shopper Marketing Agency we are inspired by challenger brands. 

Recently, I saw an advertisement for Oakley womens apparel that aggressively positions itself in the female fitness apparel arena, already dominated by brands such as Lululemon. In the effort to break into this category, Oakley has developed a series of ads called "Made for More" that focuses on distiguishing their brand as strictly workout clothing, not leisurewear…a trend often seen these days with some of the top women's fitness apparel lines. 

The ads feature active women in Oakley gear out running or stretching, while other female onlookers dressed in fitness apparel are sipping cappuccinos or gossiping with friends. Ad headlines include, “This is for running, not running errands,” “For exercising, not socializing,” and "Training gear, not trendy gear."

“Our purpose as a brand is to inspire, disrupt, and design. We like to use disruptive messages.”Josée Perreault, a senior vice president for global business at Oakley said about their campaign.  “It's a positioning that does not exist. We own it." The campaign "Reflects that sensibility and takes a jab at the workout-wear-as-leisure-wear trend with the tagline." 

Oakley's bold approach and desire to challenge the status quo is certainly building the brands credibility and maybe even motivating purchase from women hoping to do more in their workout gear than running errands. 


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