Theory House Queue EXP

Applying theme park concepts to innovate Retail Queues

In response to Covid-19, many retailers have formulated makeshift corrals to manage social distancing and meter the number of guests. This essentially brings the worst part of retail – waiting in line – to both the beginning and end of the shopping experience.

QueueEXP™ brings bold thinking that reimagines the queue as an opportunity for an immersive, branded experience.


Theory House, a leading retail branding agency, introduces a partnership with Mark Gildersleeve, a veteran creative director in the theme park industry, to reimagine the Covid-19 retail queue. This new offering, QueueEXP™, brings theme park approaches to improve guest experience.

To learn more about our capabilities and reimagine your retail queue, click below.

“We see QueueEXP™ as an opportunity for retailers to differentiate in the marketplace and deliver a better guest experience that brings unique aspects of their brand to life for customers.”


Theory House Queue EXP
Theory House Queue EXP
Theory House Queue EXP

“Queue lines at the best theme parks are as much a part of the experience as the attraction itself. QueueEXP™ provides a fun and enjoyable queue line experience by cleverly immersing the customer in the store’s brands and products while preparing them for a more efficient shopping experience.”


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